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Try these cool tips for a better experience!

  • Live document sharing on Fileteam is easy but you'll probably need to read the how-to.

  • If you are using a phone, rotate to landscape view to make the text bigger after you have made an upload.
  • If you are using an iPhone, use the Chrome browser to upload files.
  • Add a note for every document or photo that you upload to describe what it is. 
  • View your uploaded photos and documents in the browser by clicking on the "Advanced View" button and clicking on your files. No need to download!
  • Create and share live slideshows with your friends by sending them the link. Everyone needs to click the “Enter Conference” button, each person enters their name and you will all view the same content together on your own screens. Click on your name to be the LEADER and choose what everybody is viewing! 
  • If you prefer, watch a short instructional video here.

Files and their corresponding links will be automatically deleted after 10 days

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