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No login required - filesharing that is secure, free and easy to use. Give it a try!

  • If you prefer, watch a short instructional video here.
  • Create a secure cloud folder with a unique link which is good for 7 days.
  • The upload order is retained.
  • You can add a note to each file that you upload.
  • Display your uploaded files directly in the browser, no need to download.
  • Share your cloud folder with anyone through email, text or social media.
  • View the uploaded documents together in real time after sharing the link.  They see what you see. Take turns in controlling the document flow and pointer.
  • Share the link with as many people as you want.
  • Fileteam instantaneously displays only the pages as you select them. No wasted bandwidth downloading the whole document.
  • Download all or individual documents as need be.  Email large files.
  • Free and easy to use, NO LOGIN REQUIRED for the free verison. 
  • For persistant storage and a host of features for teams or individuals, try Fileteam Pro free for 30 days.

Files and their corresponding links will be automatically deleted after 7 days

For fileteam with dedicated cloud storage, feature-rich file management, file-sharing and collaboration tools, please check out the Fileteam PRO link above!

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