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Statement on Security

FileTeam takes the security of your data very seriously. All file transfers are encrypted using industry-standard security measures. The security certificate is provided by GoDaddy, Inc. and is verified by clicking on the "lock" icon in the URL bar.
FileTeam follows or exceeds the current Standard of Practice for security measures.

Individual links are secured using a cryptographically secure 20-character base 62 random number. The data displayed to users is drawn from an SQLite database file that is used only for that specific briefcase link. Briefcase datalinks are
immune to the sorts of complex ACL vulnerabilities that plague even the major companies. Changes made to your file metadata after the creation of the briefcase are stored separately from the briefcase data.

Briefcase data is stored in an SQLite database file. Briefcase shared data is not served from the main database. Instead, for maximum security, the data is queried from a limited snapshot stored in an SQLite database file. This ensures that there are no complex permission schemes which could fail, exposing the larger collection of your files and data.

We hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have any further questions.