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The more you use your server, the easier it will be to find exactly what you need. The search bar learns and adapts with you.
The Home Page for FileTeam Pro
Use folders to organize and view your documents.
Upload Files
Up to 500mb can be uploaded at once
Add Folders
Organize your server with folder trees
Create Briefcases
Select files from your server to share through briefcases
With FileTeam Pro,
Briefcases are stored in one convenient list.
Briefcase Notes
Include notes during briefcase creation. Supports both file and page notes.
Annotate & Sign
Use the Drawing Tools to edit your documents. Include page notes to share drawings.
No Ads
Briefcases sent from a FileTeam Pro server
are completely ad free.
The most powerful search tools.
Easily search through
Type your search terms and switch between the tabs to filter results.
Add Tags to files and use them in your searches.
File Names & Tags
View files in one list and show all associated tags. Filter results by upload date, file name, notes, or tags.
Notes & Annotations
Documents with notes are pushed to the front of the list. Use this tab to search for a specific note or annotation.
In-File Text
Search for words in text supported documents to find exactly what you need. Includes text-searchable PDFs.
FileTeam's own Detailed Document Viewer.
Review and annotate without downloading.
Saves the entire document to your device
In-browser download for the current page
Add notes to the specific file, or write a note for the page group
Attach tags to easily dinstinguish your documents
Use the editing tools to draw, annotate, and sign your documents
Users & Accounts
Easily create, delete, or modify the users on your server.
Non-user account. Has Staff Rights
Can upload files and create briefcases.
Can modify user and server settings.
Access to server logs, can edit settings pages.
Set your own site title and subtitle 1 that are visible on the top right of your Pro Server. Individual user customization can be found under preferences in the settings menu.
1 | Requires administrator rights
Server Logs
Only administrators are given access to the server logs. View the back-end logs of who signed in/out, downloaded documents, or uploaded to the server. The logs disclose the username, timestamp, and file name/ID if applicable.