Quick Links
Create New User
The new login username.
Add an email to the account (recommended).
Create a password or generate one randomly. 1
Associate a real name to the user account. 2
1 | Email is required for Randomly Generated Password
2 | Appears in the Admin backend
User Rights
Enter a username to edit that user's rights on the server. All users begin as staff and can be promoted to bot, bureaucrat, or administrator.
Non-user account. Has Staff Rights
Can upload files and create briefcases.
Can modify user and server settings.
Access to server logs, can edit settings pages.
Edit User Account
Change the current email or add an email for the user.
Create a new password for the user.
Change the real name of the user. 3
3 | Does not change the username of the account
Disable User Account
Removes the account from the server, deleting all references. Disabling a user account is permanent and cannot be undone.
Reset User Password
If an account's password is lost, a new temporary password can be sent to the email address connected to the user. This is only possible if the user has provided an email address for their account. 4
4 | FileTeam staff have no access to individual user accounts and cannot help if the account is lost
Give your pro server some flair!
Make FileTeam Pro your own.
Download All System Data
Creates an excel spreadsheet containing a list of every current document on your pro server. Contains the file names, every tag attached, and all notes written.
Sign In/Out Logs
Displays a list of all users who have recently accessed the server. Tracks the date, time, and whether they logged in or signed out.
Download Logs
Shows a list of all users who have downloaded documents within the selected timeframe. Tracks the file ID, file name, username, and the date/time that the document was downloaded.
Upload Logs
The same as downloads but for all documents that have been uploaded to the server.