Welcome to Fileteam PRO

It's fileteam.com, but with dedicated cloud storage and more features for teams and professionals

  • Your own fileteam site e.g. mycompany.fileteam.com
  • Administrator can add up to 10 users with unique logins and activity logging
  • Upload files and organize in folders using familiar file structures
  • Add File Notes, File Tags and page Notes
  • Advanced Search and Parsing functions
  • View pages in thumbnail view or open full page

Team conferencing and collaboration

  • Live document sharing with anyone or everyone on your team with a single click
  • Team can mark-up pages in real time with Draw Tools
  • Tag files with keywords or phrases for reference or later review
  • Retrieve edited documents alongside originals 
  • Automatic versioning of documents and sort by date or other attributes

Conferencing and collaboration with the outside world

  • Create collections of files (briefcases) to share or collaborate with non-team members
  • Store these briefcases as archives or for recurrent use e.g. forms or sales media
  • Briefcase document-sharing interface is the same as the basic version of fileteam